Aleksander Malinowski's Vita


Aleksander Malinowski is an expert in embedded systems, including bare metal, RTOS-based, and embedded Linux. He currently works as an Electrical and Computer Engineering professor at Bradley University. He is also active as a volunteer for his profession as a senior AdCom board member and Treasurer of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society. His main interests are networked cyber-physical systems, computer networks, factory automation, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity of industrial control systems, and AI at the edge.


Family man and a dog lover who enjoys traveling and digital photography.

Why study Electrical Engineering?

Sir Arthur Clarke (1917-2008) once said: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." That's cool! What is technology - it is information and materials where it is processed and stored. Materials - hardware, mechanical engineering, and material sciences. Information - computer science, logistics, manufacturing engineering, business, and management. Electrical Engineering brings the best of both worlds - hardware and software. Come and study with us Electrical and Computer Engineering. Let's make some magic.

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