How to start a Web site

In order to create a Web page that is accessible from Internet you need to either a machine that is permamently connected to the Internet and run a program called a Web server on that machine, or you need to have an account on a multiuser Unix machine that is connected to the Internet and has a Web server installed. The following procedure assumes that you have an access to a ECE machine called CEGT201.

1. Create a Web page or a collection of Web pages on a local computer. There are several ways to do that. You can either use notepad or other pure text editor to write HTML code directly, or you can use a specialized editor that creates Web pages, for example, Netscape Composer.

2. Since you will eventually create the complete Web site or at least a Web page with some graphics, you will have several files. It is a good idea to create a directory (a folder) and keep all of your files that will be posted on the Internet there. The front page of yourproject should be named index.html. The name is lower/upper case sensitive.

3. Once you create a Web page or a set of pages you can test the result locally by doubleclicking on the HTML file. A default Web browser will open and display your creation. You can alter the fiels and reload them into the browser mutliple times until eventuually you decide that yourproject is ready for the exposure to the outside world.

4. You need to prepare the place on CEGT201 to host your Web site. In order to do that you need to TELNET (log in) to that machine. After you are logged in you need to type:

chmod a+x .
mkdir public_html
chmod a+rx public_html

5. Now you need to use your favorite FTP program to transfer files to that location. You need to copy the files you created on the local computer to CEGT201 to the folder called puiblic_html that is already created there. (It was created in the previous step when you did telnet there.)

6. Now you can start a Web browser and and type in the location bar:

7. If you receive any access denied error messages please redo the step (4) and/or just type on the Unix prompt:

chmod -R a+rx public_html


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