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<title>Hypertext Links</title>

<h2><i>correct style enforcement</i></h2>

<p>First we use a logical style, and then we modify it with a physical style</p>

<i><h2>incorrect style enforcement</h2></i>

<p>Logical style should override the current physical style but not all 
browser complies - it makes the results unpredictable.</p>

<h2>Do Avoid Overlapping Tags</h2>

This is a regular text. <i>This is only italics.</i> <b><i>This is bold 
and italics.</i></b> <b>This is only bold.</b> This is a regular text.

<h2>This is Incorrect</h2>

This is a regular text. <i>This is only italics. <b> This is bold and 
underlined. </i> This is only bold. </b> This is a regular text.

<p>Even if results are correct in your Web browser you have no guarantee that 
they are correct in another browser or even if the page will still look the same 
ion a new version of your favorite browser. Just do not do it.</p>

<h2>Multiple Nesting</h2>

<p>This is a regular text. <b><b>This is bold.</b> This is still bold</b> 
This is a regular text once again.</p>

<h2>Multiple Nesting</h2>

<p><b>This text has a missing closing bold tag.</p>

<h2>Last paragraph</h2>

<p>This is a regular text.</p>