ECE474/574 (RNAV) Schedule for 2008

Date Reading Topic
M 21 Jan Chapter “A”- Autonomous…, “R” – Robot Teams, “Lab Notes” – software exercises
W 23 A-1 Introduction & overview, Book A
M 28 A-2 Locomotion
W 30 A-3 Kinematic models
M 4 Feb A-3 Kinematic constraints, maneuverability
W 6 Lab Notes Overview of robot interface, setting up simple tasks , Homework assigned
M 11 A-3 Kinematic motion control, notes (extracted from conference papers)
W 13 Lab Notes Simple movement control , H1 due – find the closest wall
M 18 A-4 Sensors
W 20 Lab Notes Advanced movement control with sensors , H2 due – follow the uneven wall
M 25 A-5 Challenge of localization, localization vs. programmed solutions
W 27 A-5 Map representation, probabilistic map-based localization , H3 due – turning, openings
M 3 Mar A-5 Map representation, Autonomous map building
W 5 Lab Notes Map building , H4 due – narrow passages
M 10 A-6 Planning and navigation
W 12   Exam 1
M 17   Spring Break
W 19   Spring Break
M 24 A-6 Planning and navigation
W 26 Lab Notes Self localization on grid map
M 31 R-1 to R-4 Polymorphic robot teams, taxonomies of the multi-robot systems
W 2 Apr Lab Notes Movement control on grid map with path planning
M 7 R-5 to R-6 Polymorphic robot teams, collaborative localization
W 9 Lab Notes Jumpstart to robot communication with TCP/IP
M 14 Lab Notes Image processing techniques for mapping
W 16 Lab Notes Single and Multi-robot experiments
M 21 R-8 to R-9 Robot communication, marsupial robots
W 23 Lab Notes Single and Multi-robot experiments
M 28 R-10 to R-13 Robot team case studies
W 30 R-10 to R-13 Robot team case studies
M 5 May   Exam 2
W 7   Study Day
M 12   Individual final project demo deadline and final seminar, Monday, May 12, 5-7pm

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