ECE472/572 (UCLX) Resources on the Internet

Lab at home or on-the-go

See list of parts for setting up your own lab at home or a portable lab.

Textbook - theory of Operating System

Virtual Machines

A virtual machine (VM) allows to run an entire operating system OS as a program inside another OS. It is not a simulator. The OS inside a VM runs on the very same processor type. You will not run a Debian Linux or Windows on an Apple processor.

Linux Documentation and How Tos

Linux, ucLinux, and other Operating Systems

C language and File IO API

We are not going to write much code but we will study and utilize function calls of file IO API

BeagLeBone Family Embedded Platform (featured)

RaspberryPi Embedded Platform

Other Interesting Linux Environments

USB disk/SD card live disk preparation from Windows

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