ECE471/571 (RTOS) FreeRTOS Ported to 8051 Case Study Examples 1

More examples are added as course progresses.

Basic setup of FreeRTOS and Inter-process Communication

FreeRTOS is (C) by Richard Barry.  Visit for details.

The provided examples are based on FreeRTOS V5.0.4 port for Cygnal that has been altered to run with SDCC 2.8.0 through 3.2.0 on SiLabs 80C51F120 board. An effort was made to remove all code related to FreeRTOS ports to other systems and compilers. You can compile it using make utility or SiLabs IDE. Remember to adjust the SiLabs IDE configuration file to the file location on your hard drive.

The recent port of FreeRTOS V7.4.0 was successfully modified to run with SDCC 2.8.0. Later versions of the compiler cause malfunction of message queue library - data in queue becomes corrupt except one every so many data items SENT.

Simple FreeRTOS Examples

The following examples are add-ons to the environment set up by the first example. Make sure to use rebuild command when switching between examples. Rebuild once, read the stack parameter from main.mem, adjust the corresponding constant in FreeRTOSconfig.h, and rebuild again. Silicon Labs IDE frequently does not recognize need to build modules when a header file used in such module is edited. Using Rebuild alleviates this problem.

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