Professor Mali's Course Notes for Networked Cyberphysical Systems
Programming in C, C++ and STL, Python, Java, Perl, PHP, and more...

Getting started: C++ with STL and C (ECE103, ECE205 ECE470/ECE570)

RTOS for 32-bit (ECE471/ECE571)

Embedded C and RTOS for 8-bit (Old ECE471/ECE571)

Embedded Microcontroller Linux (ECE472/ECE572)

Embedded TCP/IP (ECE473/ECE573)

Web Based user interface for Control with JavaScript, Java and PERL (ECE-WBC)

Robotic Navigation with SLAM and OOP (ECE474/ECE574)

Digital Communication Systems (EE-NET)

Professor Aleksander Malinowski

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