#ifndef _VARIABLES
#define _VARIABLES

#include "mag_types.h"
#include "../../00_nav_library/nav_map.h"

//* Place your global variable external definitions here *

extern AutoSynchronized<int> needtorestart;// set it to 1 or true to stop all threaded processes gracefuly extern std::string deviceID; // our robot device ID for this mission extern NAV_Robot Robot; // Agent sensor and control interface extern NAV_Map MAP_G; // Global map of the environment collected from all robots extern NAV_Map MAP_L; // Local map of the environment built only from current robot extern std::string MAP_G_fname; // file name for the global map extern std::string MAP_L_fname; // file name for the local map const int max_robot_age = 60; // maximum time to keep robot information if no longer active (in seconds) extern ArMutex KnownRobotsLock; extern std::map<std::string, RobotState> KnownRobots; //containerType robotID lastKnownSate dataObject int NetComStart(); int NetComStop(); int NetComSend(const char *message); int NetComRecv(char *message, int maxlen); long int CurrentTime(); void InitRobot(); #endif