ECE472/572 (UCLX) Final Assignment F

Prepare for the lab

Answer these questions while doing this lab – they will help you understand the procedure and better prepare for the tests.

Final Activity (60 pts.)

This activity was originally prepared for Ubuntu 8 by Mr. Nicolas Viera and Mr. Christopher Miller, class of 2010.
It is based on the tutorial published at
It was adapted to of Ubuntu 10 by Mr. Scott Tipton, class of 2010.
So far no further modifications were necessary for later versions of Ubuntu.

Remaster live CD with our "corporate" version of Ubuntu

This tutorial covers adding and removing the default applications on the Ubuntu Desktop LiveCD, thereby creating your own customized (remastered) LiveCD. You will be left with an ISO file capable of being burned, or run under a virtual machine such as VMware, VirtualBox, or QEMU.

Remastering a LiveCD has many uses. For more information on further accomplishing the tasks below, please see the “sources” and “further reading” sections at the end of this document.

LiveCD customization uses:

System Requirements:

0. Things to know:

1. Preparation:

2. Extract the CD contents:

3. Extract The Desktop System:

4. Configure the network connection:

5. The chroot System Call:

6. Timezone Customizations:

7. package Customizations:

8. Individual Customizations:

This step in the process will require working from the different console window or file manager GUI that is outside of chroot-altered environment.

9. Cleanup:

10. Packing Up:

11. Finish The LiveCD:

12. Creating LiveCD, LiveDVD on a Bootable USB Flash Drive:

Sources and Further Reading:


Drop the remastered USB Flash Drvie in the instructor's office. An effort will be made to eventually return submitted all bootable USB Flash drives. Drop the file with the information collected during the exercise if requested in the corresponding assignment drop box on Sakai.

Thank you.

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