ECE472/572 (UCLX) Assignment 12

Prepare for the lab

Answer these questions while doing this lab – they will help you understand the procedure and better prepare for the tests.

Activity 1 (40pts.)

This activity was originally prepared by Mr. Michael Firman, class of 2010. It was updated by Ms. Usha Kiran Mannam and by Mr. Kalyan Makam and Mr. Alex Ben Regulagadda. .It was overhauled by Ms. Shweta Bhagat, class of 2014 and by Mr. Tim De Pasion, class of 2016. It is based on the book published at

Ms. Ishreen Begum, class of 2016, and Ms. Ramya Davuluri, class of 2016 significantly advanced the Microcontroller Linux portion of the lab experiment [and made it almost doable].

Known issues: (1) the current package installer does not create required user and group, and (2) adding menu item does not work.

Create a Debian distribution package


Drop the file with the information collected during the exercise as instructed and the created Debian package in the corresponding assignment drop box on Sakai.

Thank you.

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