ECE472/572 (UCLX) Assignment 4

Prepare for the lab

Answer these questions while doing this lab – they will help you understand the procedure and better prepare for the tests.

Activity (30pts.)

Creating static libraries and introduction to Makefile

Download and unpack the code.tar.gz project. Learn how to unpack it using console window utilities rather than graphical tools. Modify the existing Makefile so that it support four projects - building tnplib static library and then three programs. You can start with the partialy completed Makefile . The third project is http_multi.cpp. Compile and run all programs. Use a Web browser to verify whether they work and what they do. Be prepared to answer all questions regarding unpacking and packing the project, and the structure of Makefiles.

Suggested procedure:


Drop off the compressed (tar-gzipped) contents of your project folder in the corresponding assignment drop box on Sakai.

Thank you.

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